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Geeta Kakade was born in India where she attended British schools and colleges. An Army brat she has nomadic dust on her feet and loves to travel. The loneliness of the many moves as a child was dispelled by one constant; books. She has worn many hats, teacher, wife, mother, aunt, friend, reader, writer, volunteer. One of her favorites now is grandmother.

She came to America when she married her husband, raised her family and learned to bake bread. She's lived in Michigan and California and has written seriously for the last 34 years. Her first writing break came when she was discovered in RWA's national writing competition by a very intelligent editor. Geeta’s Homespun series was previously published in print by Silhouette.Her first six books have been translated into Italian, French, Japanese, German, Spanish and Hungarian a



Maya’s holistic center, Nithya Shanti, in Southern California, offers alternative medical treatments plus an opportunity to align mind, body and soul.   The name means Daily Peace, but that carefully created environment of massages, meditation and mindful living is going to be tested every which way there is.  Her blood garnet earrings are a reminder that the stones offer protection.  From whom? Or from what?


Apple isn’t taken in by holistic mumbo jumbo.  What is this place anyway?  An internal lube joint? A con center?  Well no one’s fooling her.  She’s keeping notes, and reporting this place’s attempt to separate gullible seniors and their money  to the CIA, FBI or Homeland Security.   While she gathers evidence, her personal mantra is ‘So Help Me’.


When murder takes center stage at Nithya Shanti, finding the killer and saving an innocent person  takes top priority.   Maya and Apple find sleuthing makes life very interesting.  The two seniors unite to prove that they may be old, but  they are not extinct.