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Golden Girl

Most girls would jump at the opportunity to model a new cosmetics line, but not Lisa. The last thing she wants is to be the ‘face’ of Golden Girl, until she learns it’s the only way she can save the career of the man she loves.


All too soon she finds herself sucked into a web of jealousy and suspicion that threatens to tear her apart. Only the final wishes of a dying man give her the strength to continue, and by continuing she discovers she can do far more than she ever imagined.




 The Revenge

 Born deep in the forest, far from the herd, Damien is kept a dark secret by his parents until his father, Samuel, decides the colt must join the other foals to be initiated. But the unicorns are horrified by Damien’s birth defect. They see him as a freak despite his astonishing abilities. Then when a rival shoves Samuel over the edge of the canyon to his death, Damien’s talents turn deadly. Can anyone stop him before he destroys their world?






Fake News

 Taking FAKE NEWS to a higher-level, the U.S. in a state of increased terrorist threats,   the Media Director for the President of the United States fabricates a gruesome fake video.

The purpose of the fake video is to create chaos so POTUS can establish martial law and begin a “new world order.”  Posing as a concerned citizen who videotaped a horrific murder/rape, the fake video is presented to a local Miami TV station’s news director. The news director immediately begins televising the video as exclusive Breaking News.  Zack Stearn, owner/editor of a small Miami weekly newspaper, watches the video, contacts the TV station to ask the source of the video. He is told it is from a “confidential source.” The video is quickly picked up by national cable news and other television outlets, and a media feeding frenzy ensues. On the third day of mayhem, Zack receives a FAX from an old friend that uncovers the FAKE NEWS plot in the nick of time.  


Secrets of Echo Cave

What the Buffalo Stone brothers and Timber Wind discover in Echo Cave just might change history forever or will government agents be able to destroy all traces it ever existed? 

 Blaise, Jordan and Lelind are spending the summer in Browning, Montana, on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, with their grandfather and spiritual leader, Owl Feather.  They stumble on a clue that triggers a search for their missing mother. 

 With friend, Timber Wind, they link his mother’s disappearance to a rich white man, James Murphy, owner of Raven Oil.  But it seems there’s more than just crooked oil deals causing unrest among the people.  FBI agents, Baldry and Barnicoat, are found dead fifty miles in the middle of no-where - on reservation land.  Why? 

 Were they stealing and selling Native artifacts like the government wants them to believe?  Or, would they do anything to whitewash a secret they thought long ago destroyed?




15-year-old Ricky discovers from his companion, Thram, the Spikonians are invading their homeland. Transforming with the war unicorn, Neighbor, into one warrior-unicorn-man, they complete the two-week journey to the capital in just two days, only to discover it in ruins. Searching the rubble of his family’s home, Ricky reads part of a magic spell. As he speaks, the boy standing nearby sprouts a wing and collapses. Furious with Aldric’s irresponsible use of magic, Neighbor leaves him.


Separated from the unicorn for the first time in over a year, Unicorn Keeper Ricky, refocuses and determines to set his family free, as well as all the captured citizens. However, Ricky’s plans change to urgency when he discovers the witch-magician Alyse seeks to kill his mother. He is only able to rescue a few family members, including his Spikonian brother-in-law, Drake. The clash between Ricky and Drake becomes more than about race, providing for emotionally packed dialogue with actions of love and hate, of family and singleness, of aloneness and belonging.


The war unicorn rejoins them to add her counsel. Ricky and Neighbor mend their fragile relationship as they journey through wilderness encounters with nature and mythical creatures.

In the meantime, castle-raised Lord Thram was given the responsibility of returning and protecting the dragon-raised Princess Celeste, missing for fourteen years. The feral princess is anything but civilized. But when the king’s consort, Lady Katrina, denies Thram palace entrance, he slips into his old habit of sneaking in the shadows where he discovers plots and deceptions.


Can Ricky and Thram complete their goals to once more unite in fighting evil?