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I have lived in Calgary all my adult life. I love Calgary, even on days like this when it’s late March and still snowing. I have been happily married to Bruce Bohnet for the past 45 years. We have travelled extensively. We both enjoy experiencing new places and meeting new people.

I am relatively new to writing fiction but love it very much. Before that, I worked in the oil industry and then my husband’s business. I wrote magazine articles for local publications like Business in Calgary in the past. I enjoyed that experience but greatly prefer writing novels. The novel being published is historical fiction. I have started a second historical fiction novel.


Photo by Alice Lord




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Till the Wind Blows Silent

From war-torn London in 1944 to the prairies of Western Canada, Anna’s life is not always pleasant but it is always interesting. She receives two marriage proposals, one from Daniel Armstrong, a handsome, empathic Canadian solider who eventually becomes her husband. Daniel suffers from nightmares and frightening flashbacks, the result of his experiences in a tank on the beaches of Normandy. Anna must overcome a vicious rape that results in an unwanted pregnancy, as well as the religious fanaticism of her in-laws. She is a strong character in often difficult circumstances.