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Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts retired from the practice of Law in Calgary, Alberta in 2014 and is a 50% shareholder in Canadian digital and print publisher BWL Publishing Inc.

Judith Pittman
Vice President and Publisher


Judith Pittman is a mystery and romantic suspense author and is a 50% shareholder in Canadian digital and print publisher BWL Publishing Inc. is a mystery and romantic suspense author and is a 50% shareholder in Canadian digital and print publisher BWL Publishing Inc.  Writing under the pseudonym Jude Pittman, Jude is author of the following:



Deadly Secrets, Kelly McWinter PI Book 1,

Deadly Betrayal, Kelly McWinter PI Book 2

Deadly Consequences Kelly McWinter PI Book 3

Deadly Lights, Kelly McWinter PI Book 4

Healing Spirits, Bad Medicine (a novella)

Katherine, Sisters of Prophecy, Book 1





Nakita Hanson

Marketing Assistant


An animal lover Nakita is the mother of a seven year old boy, Wesson and a one year old boy Kolt.  Nakita is excited about expanding her marketing expertise and will be training with Books We Love on an occasional basis over the next few months, while exploring the ideas of coming on board on a more permanent basis next year.  Nakita enjoys Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all aspects of the online media experience.


Gail (Roughton) Branan



For most of her career, Gail Roughton Branan’s lived a double life as paralegal by day, writer by night.  Now retired from her forty-one years in a law office, she’s enjoying the freedom to concentrate on her writing career. As Gail Roughton, she’s multi-published by Books We Love, Ltd., with credits including the War-N-Wit, Inc. series, my name be Cain…and my color be Se’ben, Vanished, and Country Justice, the first book in the Southern Justice series.


Nancy M. Bell



Nancy M Bell is a proud Albertan and lives near Balzac, Alberta with her husband and various critters. She is an animal rights advocate and has worked with and fostered rescue animals.  Nancy is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta. Nancy has numerous writing credits to her name, and her work has been published in various magazines. She has also had her work recognized and honoured with various awards, and most recently, a silver medal in the Creative Writingcategory of the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games in 2013.  Nancy has presented at the Surrey International Writers Conference in 2012 and 2013, and at the Writers Guild of Alberta Conference in 2014. She has publishing credits in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.  From 2009 to 2014, she was Senior Acquisition Editor with MuseItUp Publishing, and is thrilled to be associated with Books We Love in the capacity of editor.




Kathy Fischer-Brown

Historical and Fantasy Editor


In addition to writing historical and fantasy fiction, Kathy has been an editor for nearly 40 years. Starting with a senior editorial position at Listening Library in the mid-1980s, she has worked for a number of nonprofit organizations as a communications specialist, editing and assembling a wide assortment of informational publications and newsletters. A word nerd, Kathy is fascinated byetymology and the transformative nature of the English language.



Cathy Brown

Mystery, Suspense and Romance Editor


Cathy has been an avid reader her entire life.  She enjoys fiction, biographies, mysteries and almost anything that she gets her hands on. She is also an artist with an eye for detail and her work has been sold internationally.



Jess Poettcker

International Editor - Language Specialist



Jess Poettcker is from Canada, but has lived around the world for several years. Jess has worked in education and as researcher at a number of universities in the UK. She has a keen interest in literacy and languages education. Jess has been editor at Books We Love since 2011.



Roxanne Nolan

Contract Editor


Roxanne Nolan has worked as an editor for Heritage University. She currently works as a nurse in an alcohol and drug treatment facility.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching sci-fi (she is an avid Whovian) and computer gaming enthusiast.


Michelle Lee

Art Director


Michelle Lee is the cover artist for Books We Love Ltd.  She is the artistic one; which is odd, given that even with a ruler she can’t draw a straight line.  But let her open up a graphics program, and watch out.  Creating graphics is a labor of love.  As much as she may complain about creating covers for certain genres - there is a simple joy in creating a face for a story, which is what a cover does.  With her designs, she hopes to provide the wrapping for the gift an author creates. Website:  Michelle Lee  



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Books We Love is currently closed to submissions. We will reopen soon to experienced, previously published authors.

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